Hip Replacement Surgery

Complex Primary T.H.R.

Revision T.H.R.

Total hip replacement surgery replaces the damaged, worn-out cartilage & articular surface of the hip joint.


What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the damage and wears out of the cartilage that lines the joint surface, leading to pain caused by the contact of the bone ends, causing a gritty feeling and difficulty in movements of the joint.


Hip pain

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint is caused by a multi-factorial list of causes that erode the cartilage lining the head of the femur and the acetabulum, causing pain due to contact between the bone ends hindering daily activities like walking, sitting, squatting and sitting cross-legged.


T.H.R. surgery procedure

Total Hip Replacement surgery is done to replace the articular/joint surfaces of the hip joint; it is done by replacing the head of the femur, with the help of a femoral prosthesis and then resurfacing the acetabulum and fixing a cup into it, which then articulate and give a near to normal joint motion.


Post T.H.R. Rehabilitation

Post Total Hip Replacement, a customized physiotherapy program is designed for the individual to regain and strengthen all the muscle groups involved; the individual is made for walking the day after surgery with a walking aid, a walker/crutch, which is weaned off gradually.


T.H.R. prosthesis – types and design evolution

T.H.R. Prosthesis has evolved over time and are now designed to give a longer prosthesis life-span, heal as normal as a native joint, and aid in recovery and integration.

A variety of types and designs are available, which are carefully evaluated to fit the individual’s need to the degree of the joint damage to aid in the perfect fit.

Alternatives to T.H.R. in young patients?

Many young individuals are now suffering due to hip arthritis, and to cater to their needs and to delay the joint replacement surgery, many treatment protocols have been designed, which include non-operative courses, physiotherapy, stem cell therapy, many other minor surgical procedures, to aid in the treatment of the hip arthritis pain.

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