Meniscal injuries (disc injuries) of the knee joint are also very frequently associated with an ACL injury and are cause by an injury during sports activities, outdoor activities, and trauma.

A variety of meniscal can occur, like tear in the menisci with a wide pattern for injury and also location, causing a RAMP lesion, root lesion or a mid-substance tear.

Meniscal injuries are repaired / treated using arthroscopy of the joint and include suturing of the defect root repair, ramp repair and also meniscectomy (partial / total) depending on the lesion.

ReGrow (Autologous chondrocyte implantation – ACI) (stem cell therapy). Due to the rigorous sport activities, some individuals develop defects in the articular cartilage of the joint, mainly in the medial femoral condyle and PFJ, where a part of the cartilage gets damaged.

This focal damage can be a small / large defect and is treated using techniques like ACI, micro fracture technique, Autograft. ACI is a technique, where the cartilage is harvested and cultured ex-vivo, from the stem cells of the individual and is then implanted into the defect, this technique is done for osseocartilaginous defects.

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